Collaboration Tools

VividCortex makes it easy to collaborate with coworkers to quickly investigate and solve problems with your databases.

Deep Linking & Short URLs

Send VividCortex URLs to coworkers and share data with them instantly. Deep links into the application allow your team to see exactly what you were exploring, allowing them to act upon that information without having to recreate the view from scratch.

VividCortex will also create shortened URLs in-app for easy collaboration. Add links to snapshots of system performance into tickets, chat applications, and wherever else you need. To create a short URL to the page you’re looking at, simply click the Link icon in the top-right corner of the screen and copy the URL:

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Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards are automatically visible to all users in an environment, allowing you to create the most effective views of the data for your entire team. For more information about custom dashboards, visit our Graphs & Dashboards documentation.

Custom Dashboards

Grafana Plugin

VividCortex integrates with Grafana, letting you create a shared dashboard of VividCortex metrics using a tool already familiar to your team. You can download the plugin and get started here.

Host Breakdown in Grafana

Sharing Screenshots

In addition to sharing links and custom dashboards, you can easily create screenshots of charts from within VividCortex and share the generated link. Just click the share button in the top right corner of any chart:

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