How VividCortex Works

VividCortex is the combination of agent programs, APIs, and a web application. You install the agents on your hosts, they send data to our APIs, and you access the results through the web application at

The following image demonstrates how it works. Click for a larger version.

Architecture Diagram

The agents are self-supervising, managed by an agent called vc-agent-007. You can read more about the agents in the agent-specific documentation. They send primarily time-series metrics to our APIs, at one-second granularity. Additional metadata is sometimes sent as well to ensure that we can provide a useful experience for you. For example, query digests are required to show you what query is responsible for specific query-related metrics.

Data is available at one-second granularity for three days, and at one-minute granularity for 30 days. For Professional-tier customers, we also keep 10-minute granularity data for 13 months; for Enterprise-tier customers, data at 10-minute granularity is kept for three years.

On our backend, a distributed, fully multi-tenant service stores your data separately from all of our other customers. Our servers are currently hosted in the Amazon AWS public cloud.