Introduction to Database Performance Monitor

Database Performance Monitor provides deep database performance monitoring to drive speed, efficiency and savings. We support MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, and MongoDB, providing a comprehensive monitoring model, including metrics, events, and samples. Fast, easy, cloud-based monitoring delivers full visibility into database workload and query behavior.

Core Principals:

  • Measure what you should, not just what is most readily accessible.
  • Monitor at enterprise scale without impacting system performance.
  • Empower the entire engineering team, built for DevOps/Agile .
  • Extend and complement Application Performance Monitoring.

How It Works

The service consists of an agent running on your servers and our SaaS platform. The agent is simple to install, efficient, and self-managing; it captures all queries with minimal impact. Depending on database and installation type, we capture data by inspecting the database network traffic or from database statistics tables.

To begin, check out our Install Docs. If you are already installed, visit our Quick Start Guide to learn the most valuable workflows in DPM. You can also see the latest product enhancements in our Changelog.

Application Status

To check the current status of the DPM app visit our status page: