This page explains the different options you can choose for authenticating into Database Performance Monitor. In order to configure this for your account, you need to have administration privileges.


The default authentication setting allows users in your team to log in using their e-mail and password.

Users can also authenticate using Google or GitHub. The email address associated with their Google or GitHub account must match their email address in DPM. These authentication methods only work for accounts created beforehand, i.e., you need to invite people to your team for them to get access to DPM.

Require OAuth - Google and GitHub

This configuration allows (and also requires) users in your team to authenticate via Google OAuth (using your company’s G Suite domain email address) or via GitHub.

In case of an emergency, such as losing access to your Google account, administrators can still log in using their existing email and password, but others are required to use OAuth.

When this configuration is set, users don’t need to be created beforehand. When a new person joins your Google apps domain, they can already authenticate to DPM with default privileges (they will be a member of the “Everyone” team).


If you use SAML Single Sign-On, all your team is provisioned (and deprovisioned) in real time from a central ID provider of your organization. At the moment we support Okta, OneLogin, and Azure. Note that this feature is only available to Premium-tier organizations. Learn more about how to configure SSO in our Single Sign-On documentation.