Containerized Installation

It is possible to run the DPM agent in a virtualization environment. This method can be used to monitor databases locally (“on-host”) and remotely (“off-host,” such as for Amazon RDS and Aurora). We have provided buildpacks that will set up agents for Docker and Heroku.

For Docker, you can find instructions and the necessary files here.

For Heroku, you can find instructions in the readme of the buildpack repo, located here. To uninstall DPM Buildpack from Heroku see Removing Heroku buildpack.

Generic Container Installation

Set the following environment variables in your container:

Variable Name Description
VC_API_TOKEN The DPM API token for your environment. You can find this by clicking the “Add New Host” wizard in the DPM web application and select “Containerized.”
VC_DRV_MANUAL_HOST_URI URI of the database you wish to monitor. A complete guide to creating this URI can be found here.
VC_DRV_MANUAL_QUERY_CAPTURE A list of applicable capture methods per database type can be found here.
VC_HOSTNAME The name of this container host. This is optional, but providing a human-readable name is highly recommended. Read more about that here