Environment Preferences

The Environment Preferences tab allows organizations to set maintenance windows for VividCortex agents, as well as the timezone for your environment. You can also select to delete query samples, or delete the environment entirely. There is also a page to create API tokens in each Environment.

Agents Maintenance Windows

Agents Maintenance Windows is a Premium-tier feature which allows organizations to schedule acceptable time windows for updating VividCortex agents.

Agents Maintenance Windows

By default, the agent periodically checks whether new versions are available. If updates are available, the new version is automatically downloaded and installed. This ensures organizations always have the latest bug fixes and optimizations. Some customers, however, prefer a known timeframe for updates.

VividCortex wants its customers to always use the latest software, and with maintenance windows, users can schedule weekly times that are acceptable for updating. This provides the flexibility for organizations restrict when agents may be updated, while ensuring organizations continue to get the latest bug fixes and optimizations automatically and in a timely manner.

Creating a Maintenance Window

To setup a maintenance window, Premium-tier customers should do the following:

  • Go to any environment and select Settings from the left-hand navigation bar.
  • Select Agents.
  • By default, agents are set to be updated at any time. If this is acceptable, then there is nothing to be done, and agents will be updated as they previously were. If you wish to restrict the days and times you want to update, select days and time windows.
  • Click Update to save your changes.

Delete Query Samples

From the Environment Preferences page you can delete all of the raw query samples captured so far in this environment. This includes sample metadata (connection ID, user, etc.), EXPLAIN plan, and the query text itself. This does not delete query digests. For more information about query samples, see our query sample documentation.

Click the button marked ‘Delete Samples’ to remove all samples. Samples can not be restored once deleted.

Purge Samples