VividCortex monitors thousands of metrics about your systems in 1-second resolution, including:

  • Queries that execute in all databases we support (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)
  • Counters and status metrics that are exposed by them
  • Operating system host metrics including disk, network, CPU and memory
  • Per-process metrics such as CPU and memory

The Charts feature presents preconfigured templates with hundreds of metrics for the operating system and all databases we support, divided into categories. Use the category toggles in the navigation pane to enable or disable categories of charts, and the layout and filtering selectors at top to drill down into individual charts or change their width:

Chart Categories

You can hover the mouse over any chart to examine the metrics and their values at an instant in time, and click-and-drag to zoom into a time range. Note that when you do this, the Time Selector changes, and the selection affects the entire application and all charts on the page. For more information about the metrics these charts are based upon, see here.

Data is available at one-second granularity for three days, and at one-minute granularity for 30 days. For Professional-tier customers, we keep 10-minute granularity data for 13 months; for Enterprise-tier customers, data at 10-minute granularity is kept for three years.

Chart Categories

Check the Events Dashboard if you don’t see any charts for your database. The -metrics plugin might not be able to connect to the database server. If that is the case, you should edit the host’s credentials from the Hosts List to provide proper credentials, and/or solve any other issues such as incorrect grants or firewall issues.