Open-Source Licenses

Database Performance Monitor’s roots are in open source software, and many of us have significant histories of creating and contributing to open source. We use some open source components in our agent programs, which we distribute. This page documents which open source components we use, their licenses, and where to find them.

Component License Location
Go Libraries 3 Clause BSD
golibpcap 3 Clause BSD
Go-SQL-Driver/MySQL Mozilla 2.0
redigo Apache 2.0
pq MIT
go-mgo 2 Clause BSD
amz LGPL3 4d, 4e exception
npipe MIT
w32 3 Clause BSD
Snappy-Go 3 Clause BSD
go-lz4 2 Clause BSD
libpcap 3 Clause BSD
cgzip 3 Clause BSD
lib_z zlib license
musl MIT
perks MIT

In addition to the open source libraries we distribute, we also use mostly open source software in our SaaS platform. We use too much software to list here in its entirety. We would like to express our gratitude to the thousands of people who have helped create and improve open source software.