Long Running Query & Deadlock Alerts

We’ve added the ability to get alerted on long running queries and database deadlocks. We’ve also added new metrics showing queries that were waiting for a lock, as well as query capture via the database slow query log.

Long Running Query Events

Now when VividCortex detects a long running query, we can generate an Event which can trigger an alert. This Event includes information about the user running the query, the host executing the query, historic metrics, and a link to the query details page. This feature is available for MySQL and PostgreSQL.

To enable this on a host, create or edit the configuration file for the metrics agent and add “long-running-event-threshold”: “1s”. You can change “1s” (one second) to any number you like. If you’d like to enable it across an entire environment, please contact Customer Support.

Deadlock Reporting

VividCortex now detects MySQL database deadlocks and generates an Event when one occurs. This Event includes a link to the query that was killed as well as the query which proceeded. This is automatically enabled and it can be seen by visiting the Events page. You can configure alerts on these events as with any event.

Blocked Queries Metrics

VividCortex has historically detected and reported queries which are blocking other queries from running. We’ve now added the reverse of that: queries which were blocked, waiting for a lock. This data is available in the Profiler. Select “MySQL Processlist Queries” or “PostgreSQL Stat Activity” as your category, and then select to view data by “Locked.” (To view queries stopping other queries from running, select “Locks.”)

Slow Query Log Parsing

We’ve added support for gathering query data from the MySQL or PostgreSQL slow query log. This is an alternate method of installation for cases where the performance_schema or pg_stat_statements are unavailable and cannot be enabled, such as with Amazon Aurora running MySQL version 5.7. To get started contact your Account Manager or Customer Support.

Other Enhancements

  • Added fetching EXPLAIN plans for UPDATE and DELETE queries on MySQL 5.7+
  • Added support for the MySQL WITH keyword
  • Added a “compact” mode for small screens
  • Changed the “Host Breakdown” section Details pages to bar charts for easier interpretation
  • Page performance throughout the app is improved for very large accounts
  • Improved speed of fetching host data for active hosts
  • Clarified selection of “End Date” in the Time Picker
  • Clarified email text to account owners when licenses are added
  • VividCortex will now identify when a Postgres instance is receiving encrypted traffic

Other Notes

  • Fixed styling and layout bugs related to the new theme
  • Fixed a bug preventing removing hosts from an Alert by clicking
  • Fixed a time picker bug displaying the wrong date after clicking and dragging
  • Fixed occasional API issues when fetching large # of metrics over a long time frame
  • Fixed a bug in the PostgreSQL install script for some versions of PostgreSQL
  • Eliminated a false-positive in the query analysis rule checking for column aliasing
  • Fixed query details page not showing reason for no sample
  • Fixed a bug displaying the wrong date on charts hovers
  • Fixed a bug where signing in with OAuth would occasionally fail
  • Fixed a minor issue preventing sending of any cached events during agent shutdown