Host Tags, Azure SSO, and More

We’ve added easier, more automated host tagging; support for SSO with Azure; better off-host query sample support; and more.

Host Tags: You can now configure host tags on the command line or through a configuration file instead of adding them through the UI. This allows you to apply tags at install time, and lets you easily script tag creation along with new hosts. For clients using Amazon RDS, Aurora, or EC2 instances, VividCortex can now also download your AWS tags, and apply them automatically to your hosts in VividCortex. To learn more about both new features, see our host tag documentation.

Grafana Host Variables: Our plugin for Grafana now supports variables when selecting hosts. For query variables we also added a keyword for the query field ($hosts) which tells the plugin to return host names instead of metrics.

Amazon Aurora Query Samples: Clients running Aurora MySQL instances with MySQL version 5.7 and above can now collect query samples from events_statements_history, which is enabled in MySQL by default. Previously, read-only Aurora instances did not support collecting query samples because it is impossible to enable the necessary MySQL instrumentation. To enable, update your /etc/vividcortex/vc-mysql-metrics.conf configuration file and add the option "enable-ps-alt-samples"="true", or contact Support. This will be enabled by default in the future.

Richer MySQL Samples: We now collect user and origin information in query samples when monitoring MySQL instances remotely (such as RDS) when that data is available. You can view this information on the Query Details page when viewing a query sample.

Azure SSO: We now support Microsoft Azure for single sign-on and user provisioning, in addition to Okta and OneLogin. See our SSO documentation to get started.

Host License Information: We’ve made it easier to see if you are running out of installation licenses, as well as easier to add more licenses. The app will also now warn you if you open the install wizard with no licenses available.

API Documentation: Our documentation site now includes instructions on using the VividCortex API. If you have any questions while using the API, please contact Support using the in-app chat.

Quick Start Guide: Users new to VividCortex can check out our Quick Start Guide, which includes examples of common workflows to provide immediate value.

Other notes

  • The MongoDB metrics agent won’t attempt to gather size data when more than 50K collections are detected.
  • Added optimizations when viewing the Profiler and when searching to decrease load times.
  • Fixed a PostgreSQL metrics agent memory leak encountered for some workloads.
  • Fixed an issue where “Ignore Time / Host Filters” on the Queries page was not returning data.
  • Fixed an issue preventing changing Environment names.
  • The app will no longer make Best Practice recommendations for some config options which cannot be changed in AWS.